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This and that.  

I want to have a place where bits and pieces of good work can live. Where clever concepts, smart design, and random things I love can live even if they were never blown out or 


Turner Classic Movie Network Chicago Portfolio School  
When you think of the good ol' days, what do you think of? The social, political, and environmental drama of the 21st century sets a nice contrast to what life used to be. ​TCM is a movie network that only airs movies before the 1980s. It shows some of the most iconic films that help redefine classics. We want TCM to be where you go to escape back to the good ol' days.

Experiential Billboards
Sensors will play sounds when stood on or in front of. 


Billboards - Prints

Placed near high traffic area where consumers are most likely to be frustrated with some element of their day.

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