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Dave & Busters

In a world of Netflix and chill, ghosting, and online dating we forget that dating should be fun! Dave & Busters is here to help.  Finding "the one" starts with a fun first date. We want Dave & Busters to be THE place for a memorable meeting.  

 Dating App Partnership

Hinge is a popular online dating app.  Recently they added a feature that informs you of your most compatible match. These matches will receive a coupon with QR codes that if scanned at the same time result in 300 free tokens.

Pre Roll




Instagram Filter

Do you need someone to level up their dating game? We want to help you drop a not so subtle hint to your boyfriend/girlfriend/or the general public through this filter.

Twitter Response

We will respond to people using #worstfirstdate #datingnightmare and give them a coupon to use on their next date.  


Out Of Home

Prints placed near college campuses, bars, and restaurants in heavy traffic areas. 

Singles Night

No more boring nights, sitting at a bar, waiting for someone to talk to you. Dave and Busters will host a monthly singles night, inviting all those looking for love to experience a fun first meeting.

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